Saturday, January 31, 2009

New Laptop.

*random smiley* I'm using a friends laptop and now I really wish I had one. Lately in my head I've been going over a rant that may actually be on Youtube...There is no such thing as a real lesbian. Now I don't really want to go over this because I would prefer not to get hate mail on this site but it is an interesting subject. Even though sexuality should not make a difference into your personality, which is why I do not understand the particularly "gay" things my friend does. They're not really gay. They are stereotypical things that females think gay men do. Which is completely untrue. Gay men are just like normal men. And gay women are the same. They just happen to like the same genitalia. Big fricken deal right? Apparantly so, because so many goddamn people make such a big deal about gay men with lisps and lesbians being butch or incredibly hot. I think it's bullshit personally. People are people. Gay or straight. It doesn't matter. My boyfriend likes rainbows, and trust me, he's not gay. And I like sports and I'm in weightlifting class and that doesn't make me a lesbian. Also it's not gay for a guy to say another guy looks decent. God forbid. Women do it all the goddamn time and we don't get ripped for it. No we get praised for self-esteem B.S. I don't think that's very fair. I think men should have the same social rights as women and not get knocked down for it. Gay or straight is not the issue. If someone is annoying by personality then yeah, you can leave em the fuck alone. But deciding not to talk to someone becuase they are homosexual is just stupid and ignorant. Now I know that I won't ba able to change the idiocy in the world but I just like to state my opinion about it. And my opinion is simple...Stop being a freaking retard.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Only a Week.

So finally I have regained my internet access. I've just recently become friends with my fiance's ex. I'm now weightlifting [go me for excercise. whoop whoop =) ], I've learned I can cook asian food. And I've had to interview a Cheeto for a speech class. Fun fun since you last heard of me.
Not like you would notice?
Who cares.
I must return to work after a hiatus of about a week since labor has been screwed like a 14 year old in the 1800's. So yes. Off to the old grind...although I work more with a pizza cutter than anything. *blech*
So I have no new interesting ideas like I used to that would have been added to my blog or I thought I should add to a blog, now that I have said blog.
This seems to happen to me alot. I do something that would constitute an interesting or strange argument and at the first chance I get to use mine, I don't have one saved up.
Well.... To what few...maybe less readers I might have....Just you wait...I"ll get used to this. =]

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Virgin Odyssey.

Well folks....Looks like I'm officially a blogger now.
*insert smiley of your choice here*
Aside from Myspace,ack, I've never posted my thoughts anywhere.
I've just come to terms with the fact that I now do not care if anyone knows they exist.
I have some interesting ideals which if you become a follower, you will understand soon enough.
I highly doubt anyone will, but hey, who knows?Right?

I've just been recently reminded that becuase of my age I'm not allowed to say "back in the day..." for I have not seemed to had a back in the day. I can understand that the woman who told me was slightly over twenty years my own age, but I personally believe that I do. I mean cartoons and Saturday summer mornings can count. Becuase back in those days, those were my days. Therefore... I should have a "back in the day..." file folder. However, there will be more "back in the days..." to come.

For now I shall sign off....
Thank you.