Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Only a Week.

So finally I have regained my internet access. I've just recently become friends with my fiance's ex. I'm now weightlifting [go me for excercise. whoop whoop =) ], I've learned I can cook asian food. And I've had to interview a Cheeto for a speech class. Fun fun since you last heard of me.
Not like you would notice?
Who cares.
I must return to work after a hiatus of about a week since labor has been screwed like a 14 year old in the 1800's. So yes. Off to the old grind...although I work more with a pizza cutter than anything. *blech*
So I have no new interesting ideas like I used to that would have been added to my blog or I thought I should add to a blog, now that I have said blog.
This seems to happen to me alot. I do something that would constitute an interesting or strange argument and at the first chance I get to use mine, I don't have one saved up.
Well.... To what few...maybe less readers I might have....Just you wait...I"ll get used to this. =]

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