Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Virgin Odyssey.

Well folks....Looks like I'm officially a blogger now.
*insert smiley of your choice here*
Aside from Myspace,ack, I've never posted my thoughts anywhere.
I've just come to terms with the fact that I now do not care if anyone knows they exist.
I have some interesting ideals which if you become a follower, you will understand soon enough.
I highly doubt anyone will, but hey, who knows?Right?

I've just been recently reminded that becuase of my age I'm not allowed to say "back in the day..." for I have not seemed to had a back in the day. I can understand that the woman who told me was slightly over twenty years my own age, but I personally believe that I do. I mean cartoons and Saturday summer mornings can count. Becuase back in those days, those were my days. Therefore... I should have a "back in the day..." file folder. However, there will be more "back in the days..." to come.

For now I shall sign off....
Thank you.

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