Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Sorry to Offend.

So, I have another rant on my mind. Please pay no mind if you fall into the category of what I'm about to bash on so please do not comment angrily, I just really hate pregnant ladies. They think that everyone owes them something because they decided to not use protection or not to get an abortion. In the world that we live in now it is not everyone's NEED to procreate, because I mean seriously, there are some who really really shouldn't have. On that note I believe in what they did with the over-population problems that were faced in China. It was a very sensible thing to only allow one child. That way not only do they cut down the problem of running out of food and other terrible things that can come with too many people, but they also allow the children to get all of the attention they need growing up and that also ensures a little more preparedness in the parents. They conclude that if they can only do it once they better try their best. That breeds happier children. And no one say that because you had siblings your life was better because I know deep down everyone is missing some sort of attention from their parents and they blame the siblings....Point being however, I don't owe you women anything for losing your figure, your mind, your heart, and creating a "miracle" because you were selfish enough to split the pie even further and degenerating the lives of those who already exist. Thank you and I bid you some painful birthing. Thank you for wasting yourselves.